About Vision 2030 for Seniors Services Symposium - Vision 2030 for Seniors Services Symposium


The Alberta Association on Gerontology, with support from the Government of Alberta, is pleased to present the Vision 2030 for Seniors Services Symposium. The symposium will bring seniors serving sectors together – including researchers, academia, health care providers, community-based service providers, and technology innovators – to inform the future of services for Alberta’s aging population.

The Alberta Association on Gerontology is using a four-part inquiry to gain a comprehensive understanding of seniors’ service priorities for 2030, which will culminate in a report back to the community. The four-part inquiry includes:

  • face-to-face pre-symposium consultations with seniors and seniors’ organizations and other Albertans;
  • a comprehensive literature review;
  • a symposium; and,
  • discussions with symposium participants to evaluate ideas presented during the event.

Alberta Association on Gerontology

Currently, 12% of Alberta’s population is over 65 years. By 2041, it is projected that one in five Albertans will be 65 years or older. With this increase, we expect many policy issues related to seniors will need to be addressed over the coming years.

As a province wide, multi-disciplinary association with gerontology experts, AAG enhances the lives of older adults by supporting research, influencing policy and promoting the exchange of knowledge and best practices among the public, service providers and government. AAG has the mandate to raise public awareness of issues impacting seniors, to provide evidence-based research and to create forums for public discussion on policy issues.

Government of Alberta’s Ministry of Seniors and Housing

The Government of Alberta’s Ministry of Seniors and Housing provides programs and services to assist seniors and promote their safety and wellbeing. The ministry also supports the development of affordable housing and ensures Albertans in need have access to housing options.

The population of seniors in Alberta is currently over 600,000 and is expected to grow to one million by 2035. It is essential that they live safely and independently in their chosen communities. To that end, the ministry promotes age-friendly initiatives, working with communities to develop inclusive and welcoming approaches to a wide variety of challenges faced by seniors and those in need.