Vision 2030 for Seniors Services Symposium - Vision 2030 for Seniors Services Symposium


The Alberta Association on Gerontology, with support from the Government of Alberta, Edmonton Seniors Co-ordinating Council and our many sponsors was pleased to present the Vision 2030 for Seniors Services Symposium. The symposium brought together seniors serving sectors including researchers, academia, health care providers, community-based service providers, and technology innovators to inform the future of services for Alberta aging population. At this symposium, we heard from local, national and international speakers about various themes such as wellness and independence, enhancing community capacity, addressing diversity, integrating health and social services and meeting future anticipated healthcare needs. There was opportunity for networking and learning opportunities, including sharing of leading practices to take back to community.

The Symposium was one of a three part initiative which included development of a literature review, conducting focus groups with ageing Albertans and hosting the Symposium.

AAG is pleased to share the final Board approved documents from this work in hopes they will be distributed broadly by readers and will impact the evolution of a quality system of care and services for Alberta’s aging population. AAG has shared this information directly with the Minister of Seniors and Housing, the Minister of Health and the CEO of Alberta Health Services. We invite you to share these reports in your organizations and within your networks.

This is not the end. AAG with a group of collaborators is reviewing the documents with consideration to next steps. Thank you for the part you played in the success of this initiative and we look forward to working with you as we achieve Vision 2030 for Seniors Services together.